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No, Will, don’t cry, baby.

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Hugh Dancy in Our Idiot Brother

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Hannibal Season Two  → First and Last

I regret it came to this, Will, but every game must have its ending.  - Red Dragon

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That’s what he meant, right?


All gifs from the interview are here.

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hunger for the booty
1,779 plays


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Indonesia’s police have arrested a 29-year-old woman for killing and eating humans.
This woman has killed and eaten more than 30 girls and many other humans including her husband and had kept their meat in her refrigerator.
She had been enjoying eating human meat for long time.
This cannibal female had said, that she arranged many parties for her friends and relatives, to whom she had cooked and served human meat, without their knowledge.
Her guests had said, that her food tasted very delicious.
This woman said that she has eaten the victims due to her inner desires and if she is given other chance, she would repeat this action again without any interruptions.
Even in prison, she had attacked a female guard, bitten her right hand and swallowed one of her fingers.

Source: http://nollytips.blogspot.com/2013/06/female-filipina-cannibal-in-indonesia.html?m=1


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I let you know me. See me. I gave you a rare gift. But you didn’t want it.

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"She’s all right now." — Red Dragon

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Helena Food Watch
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List of things Hannibal put down Will’s Throat


  • plastic tube
  • adopted daughter’s ear
  • human scrambled eggs
  • an endangered, drowned, flaming dead baby bird

Don’t tell me a cock is that far fetched.

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Aidan Turner’s puppy face


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please Mads let me continue with my life

siempre digo lo mismo… chau me fui!


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